The “Attic Collection” is something I stared at the end of this past winter where I am rediscovering retro computers I have stored up in my attic a couple decades ago.  Back in 1999 I started collecting retro computers as clients would just hand me boxes of machines, disks and books.  Back then I knew it would be of value to me down the road but not at that time, so I just threw these boxes up in the attic.  Over the past many months as I pulled something down I would share it on Twitter and FaceBook but now I am doing it more justice by making little short videos.

Most of the items are in unsealed boxes and are things that I just totally forgot about so it is kind of new to me.  Some boxes I have never even looked in, I would just receive a box of stuff and throw it up in the attic. Surprisingly so far most everything I have pulled is still working including floppy disk’s, but there is defiantly a lot of dust on these items.

This video “Attic Collection: My old c64!” is me opening the box that contains one of my very first Commodore 64’s from when I was a youth back in 1980 something!  In fact, this Commodore 64 ran my Image 1.2a BBS called “The Kats Alley” back around 1990/1991.  If you are interested I have recently revived that BBS with it now running on Image 3.0 along with most of the original graphic screens, you can telnet to it at: on port 6400.