Download Image BBS v3.0 Update (Mar21)
Size: 99 KB | File Type: .d81 |  For use with: Image BBS v3.0


X-Tec just released an update to Image BBS 3.0 that has a major modification to Image which increases the amount of free memory available by more than 750 bytes!  There is a “SYSOP README” file included in the .d81 package that contains your installation procedures.  I am including a copy of that file below.

* We now have an Image BBS Software Message Board setup for any and all questions or comments Image related! Feel free to check it out (HERE) when you get a moment.



This is the im cutdown modification which will increase the free memory of Image 3.0 by more than 750 bytes. Before you install this mod… make sure your Image 3.0 is up to date with all the latest fixes since its official release date of 12/7/2020. All fixes between that date and 3/8/2021 are included on Image 3.0 Games Disk 2 available from my public Google Drive and at

Installation is pretty simple Copy 4 to your system drive.  Copy everything else to your programs drive.
Go to the Command Editor and edit the SH ecs command. (It should be command #28). Change the command to FM… File… i.FM… goto… 512 access.. ZZ locked.  

That’s all there is to it. This mod has been thoroughly tested but if any issues are noticed after installing it… please report them to X-Tec at Retrograde… node 4 on the NISSA Network.

–<X-Tec @ RTG>–

Note: This mod removes the troubleshooting feature included in the im file among other things but all the changed program files will be compatible with both the full im version and the cut down one so rather than replacing the existing im file with the new one… you might want to just rename the existing im file to something like im.full before copying these files to your
programs drive just in case you may need to use the original one for troubleshooting one day.


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Pedro Urán

Thanks a lot for this release 8Bit Boyz and X-Tec. Very appreciated work !!

Hoy Brothers

Just dropping in to say hi on a web based BBS.

[…] I wanted to make sure these fixes put out by X-Tec were available before the end of 2021. If you have not updated to the spring 2021 update first, you can find that here: Image BBS v3.0 Update (Mar21). […]