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My first store Tempe AZ, anyone know this store #??

Shane - "PalKat"
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So I started working at the Radio Shack store in Tempe, AZ located in the shopping center at the SW corner of Southern & Mill.  I can not for the life of me remember that store number so if anyone might have it please share as that has been haunting me for a while.  This store at the time, 1990/1991 was known for the bar in the shopping center called "Pinky's".  When ever we had a other folks from other RS stores come by we always promoted they go to Pinky's and check out the art in the bathrooms! LOL Not a child freindly restroom.

At the time my manager (his first name was Kim) really showed me a lot and got me to where I was able to run the store, but I had to as he would usually be preoccupied by girlfreinds that would drop by to visit him.  I started just before the holiday season and I could not of been more excited when the holiday merchandise started to come in the back.  There was another sales guy that was usually on shift most days with me who also trained me, he was about 10 years older than me and could not understand my excitement to be working at Radio Shack of all places.  He was not into the electronics and was just miserable sounding when he talked about his wife. But I still learned a lot from him on closing the sale, the two of us would also play a lot of Space Quest when the store was totally dead. 

It was not long after that I moved on to my next store that I will save for another time.  If anyone seeing this knows what store number this store might of been please leave a reply.


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