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Throwback to the RSPOS system

Shane - "PalKat"
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I wanted to create an inventory program to catalog my retro computer collection so it came to me, why not make a program that is a nod to the RSPOS system used in the early 90's.  I strated this project a few weeks back and thought I would share a quick little video of my Retro Inventory Program so far! 
Though this inventory program is inspired by the Radio Shack POS system of the very early 90's it is not 100% as I am working with my memory of the system and the very few images I could find of it online. The biggest image that helped was actually a VM5 monitor that was on ebay and the screen burn in was that of the RSPOS.  Anyone that might have images or video of the RSPOS please feel free to share here.
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Video here:

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