8-Bit Boyz is an ever growing resource for 8-bit technology along with the occasional 16, 32 and 64-bit technology.  We do restoration projects on old equipment that still has life left in it but just needs some TLC to get it back to its glory.  There are projects where we take old technology and integrate it with current technology along with reviews of lost treasures that were discovered in places from thrift stores to someone’s yard sale.

In a nut shell we are just bringing back old school tech and offering some of it like our BBS to you so you can either experience what got us to where we are or revisit technology you thought was left behind decades ago!  Our downloads also continue to grow with old software that will once again work on your current platform like screensavers made from 80’s animation sequences that were popular back then and thought to have been lost with time.

We hope you enjoy 8-Bit Boyz and remember we are an ever growing resource so you never know what we might put up tomorrow so please subscribe to stay informed of new content!

Thank you,
8-Bit Boyz!