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This version of MS-DOS 6.22 includes many new features that turn your computer into a powerful tool for business or personal use.  With this version you can install MS-DOS on a machine that has no opperating system or upgrade a previous version of MS-DOS.

This download is an archive that contain 3 - 1.44MB floppy disk images.


  • Release date: 1994
  • Minimum CPU: 8088
  • Minimum RAM: 512KB
  • Minimum free disk space: 5MB

Some New Features of MS-DOS

  • If you have used earlier versions of MS-DOS, you will find many improvements in this version of MS-DOS. These improvements include new commands and programs that make using your computer easier and more efficient.
  • This version of MS-DOS includes the following new or improved features:
  • Microsoft DriveSpace, integrated disk compression that increases your available disk space by compressing files. DriveSpace appears similar to DoubleSpace, which was included with some earlier versions of MS-DOS; however, DriveSpace stores compressed information in a different format. For more information about DriveSpace, see the appendix “Freeing Disk Space by Using DriveSpace.” (If you are currently using DoubleSpace, type help dblspace at the MS-DOS command prompt for information about using DoubleSpace with MS-DOS 6.22.)
  • ScanDisk, a new utility that detects, diagnoses, and repairs disk errors. ScanDisk can repair file system errors (such as crosslinks and lost clusters) in addition to physical disk errors. ScanDisk keeps a log of its repairs and enables you to undo any of the changes it made. For more information, type help scandisk at the MS-DOS command prompt, and then press ENTER.
  • Microsoft MemMaker, a memory-optimization program that makes it easy
  • to move device drivers and memory-resident programs from conventional memory into the upper memory area. If your computer has an 80386 or higher processor, you can use MemMaker to maximize available conventional memory so that programs run faster and more efficiently. For more information about using MemMaker, see the chapter “Making More
  • Memory Available.”
  • An enhanced EMM386.EXE device driver that provides access to more upper memory blocks and uses extended memory to simulate expanded memory as needed, without requiring you to change configuration commands or restart your computer. For more information, see the chapter “Making More Memory Available.”

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