Foenix Retro Systems is taking orders again for their F256K now through June 14th 2023 and only starting at $595.00!

Why is this so exciting? Well when you look at the various different “Modern Retro Computer” options out there I have found that Foenix Retro Systems is really putting a lot into their systems beyond just the computer itself, for example Foenix Retro Systems is also developing devices to go with their machines such as the FNX1591 3.5″ disk drive that we mentioned on here a couple months back.  However, the biggest thing that has got my personal attention from Foenix Retro Systems is their excitement to engage in conversation and answering questions you may have on anyone of their products, and these are not short answers, they will go into some great detail without it being too much information overload.  In fact, just the other night I reached out to them about the CPU options on the current selling F256K computer and Stefany gave me a lot of great information that I will try to sum up here.

The K256F ships with the 65C02 CPU but some might like a few of the advantages of the 65C816 which has the 16bit registers to save on coding space, Stefany also included the FPGA as an option as some folks are really into 6809 function ability.  No matter which you go with your sure they will all run the same software as if you have 65C02.


The F256K has a standard IEC port allowing you to connect Commodore devices such as Commodore disk drives (1541, 1571, 1581) and future support for Commodore printers. There are so many features on this computer from standard Atari joystick connections to Dual Stereo SID Interface, 40/80 column text modes that overlay on the 320×240 256color graphics mode to just name a few! I encourage folks to head over to their website, where you can see all the features in greater detail and remember ordering for the F256K computer ends on June 14th 2023!