Recently I was trying to remember some of the store numbers of the various Radio Shack’s I once worked at, the only one I had was on a business card I recently found from one of those stores. It was store number 01-4093 located at the southwest corner of Alma School Rd & Elliot in Chandler Arizona at that time what was a Mervyn’s shopping center.  This was the only store number of the handful of stores I worked at that I knew of so I took to looking up store numbers online and sadly that just did not produce a whole lot.  Instead, I turned to one of the Fakebook groups I follow for Radio Shack Employee’s, once I posted that I was looking for store numbers in Arizona and New Mexico it felt like the flood gates were about to burst as I got a whole lot more than I was looking for.  This got other folks on there to start sharing store numbers also and that is when I felt I should just start a Radio Shack store number list that anyone can submit store numbers to.

In a matter of 5 days the list grew from a dozen stores to over 100 and each morning I find more submissions for the list.  This Radio Shack store number list is now officially another growing resource of information here on 8-Bit Boyz and you can look to see if one of your former Radio Shack stores is on the list or even add some to it that might not be there currently.  Some might wonder why?  All I can say is, it’s a Radio Shack thing and if you ever worked at one there is a chance you have a few store numbers still in your head that you remember calling daily looking for parts that your store might have been out of or just have some great memories associated with a store number or two.

The list can be accessed under the main menu from WORKBENCH > RADIO SHACK to view or submit store numbers, or you can get there directly from these links:
View RS Store Number List:
RS Store Number Submission Form: