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Over this past summer while hopping around on Commodore Image BBS systems I came across a BBS listing that I could not believe, it was a listing for a Commodore C-Net 64 DS-2 BBS!  So, if you were a Commodore user back in the 80’s and were into using BBS’s for more than just pirating you knew C-Net 64 BBS which later became Image BBS was the total go to for BBS online games, messages and of course files.  However, for those of us that were die hard C-Net 64 BBS SysOp’s back then there was a unicorn program out there if you will and that programs was C-Net 64 DS-2!  Now without going into the detailed history of C-Net 64 BBS software in this post I can say C-Net 64 DS-2 is a product by Jim Selleck who was granted full rights to C-Net 64 BBS after many versions and a few mishaps of C-Net 64 BBS over the course of the mid 80’s.

What made Jim Selleck’s C-Net 64 DS-2 unique and to some of us a superior BBS for the Commodore 64 was his Machine Language coding of the BBS.  Back then it was very common for BBS software to be written in Basic wasting the machines RAM along with limiting its functionality.  Jim’s story on creating this BBS software is a colorful one but for now I want to keep this short and sweet plus this is to share the ONLY FUNCTIONING C-Net 64 DS-2 BBS running on actual Commodore hardware (no emulation) over the internet today, Lowdown BBS!

To connect to Lowdown BBS you will first need a good BBS Telnet terminal program if you don’t currently have one.   SyncTerm is the best I have found available on PC, MAC and Linux, it also includes fonts for computers used back in the day like Commodore or Atari along with full color ANSI.  You can download SyncTerm and yes it is FREE from their website syncterm.bbsdev.net.

Lowdown BBS
SysOp: Mr. Micro
Telnet Address:  lowdown.servebbs.net
Port Number:  6401

When you visit Lowdown BBS let Mr. Micro (the SysOp) know 8-Bit Boyz sent ya!!!