This morning at just about 8:00am I get a text followed by a call from my brother in New York, when I answer the call, he tells me to look at the text.  There it is an Apple ][e with dual drives and original monochrome Apple Monitor III!  Turns out his wife took the grand kids for a Saturday morning bike ride in his neighborhood and a few folks were having garage sales, his wife saw this Apple while riding and snapped a picture sent it to my brother who in turn sends it to me then calls!  He asked if I am interested, so after a quick sip of coffee as I am still waking up, I said I am willing to pay no more than $50 being it is a garage sale.  My brother jumps in the car to go there to try and secure the computer with the seller before going to the ATM for some cash, but he sees it is gone!  Turns out a young kid who is into old-style programming on Apple’s was driving away just then with the system.  My brother asked the lady selling it how much she sold it for, she replied $40.  He then told her he would of gave her $50 as his brother in New Mexico was interested in the system, she turned to tell her husband that they could have got $50, he could care less and was most likely happy it was gone.

So, there it is a lost opportunity, yet I don’t mind at all!  To hear of a kid who is programming in 8-bit was excited to purchase this system, I know like my brother that it went to a great new owner!


Garage sale Apple ][e


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