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I was on the reservation list for the Amiga 1000 Parceiro when David Dunklee who created and is manufacturing these amazing small Amiga 1000 expansions emailed me mine was ready a few weeks early!  David said he was able to knock out a few extra on a recent weekend and that caused mine to be ready sooner than expected.  After he contacted me, we finalized the order with some details it was only a couple days later my Parceiro arrived in the mail.

I was so excited as this Parceiro will breathe some new life into my original condition Amiga 1000.  That is right I have not upgraded my Amiga 1000 other than the 256k RAM expansion that came with it when my wife bought it for me some decades ago.  The Parceiro is small and thin but packs a lot inside of it with 8mb of autoconfig fast RAM, a real time clock with battery and a SD card reader that includes a 2gb SD card as your hard drive.  All I literally had to do was plug the Parceiro into my Amiga, insert the KickWork boot disk that came with it and I was up and running!


The Parceiro does require a boot disk and David includes instructions to make your own and setup the SD card with workbench. However, he also included a premade KickWork boot floppy based on Kickstart 1.3 and Workbench 1.3.  There is so many little details he has done to this little jewel of an expansion that I will show in the video as seeing is better than reading, I think.  I will also show in real time the Parceiro booting up and running a few applications so you get a sense of how it performs.

I must say if you own an Amiga 1000 this is a must have device in your tool kit!

When you order your Parceiro mention “8-Bit Boyz” and David will take 20% off the price bringing it down to $195.00, but this promotion will only last till the end of March 2021.

So, order yours right away by sending an email to [email protected]