X-Tec has released a new January 2022 fixes disk for Image BBS v3.0, this update also addresses a few bugs folks have been having with some previous Image fixes. Here is what’s in this update:

This disk contains all the latest fixes. The first 7 files are fixes for maintaining the mail count in the e.stats file. i.EM and i/EM.fwd add new features to the EM section which allow forwarding of both email and netmail as either netmail or email or both and also allows the reader of a netmail file send a “Read Report” back to the sender of the netmail if no reply was sent. The i.VF and sub.local files work together to enhance the options in the “Watchdog” function. The last 3 files are fixes for the corrupt files on master d1 210813.d81.

You can head on over to the download page for these fixes here.