Image BBS v3.0: Lt. Kernal Setup

This is the setup tutorial video by X-Tec for Image BBS v3.0 using the Lt. Kernal HD.  In this video X-Tec will go from the initial install all the way through to getting your Image v3.0 BBS online and accepting calls using the Lt. Kernal HD in VICE.  X-Tec is one of the original developers of Image BBS 3.0 who has continued to work on the Image BBS software over the years along with Bucko and a handful of others.

Make sure you have downloaded Image BBS v3.0 available from our DOWNLOADS

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Michael Hasson (RED DEVIL)

is there any way I could buy 1 or build one?

Michael Hasson (RED DEVIL)

having a problem running it from a USB,how to copy the files so the program can look for the files to run the program,do I add folders that says device 8 etc

Larry Hedman

You haven’t provided enough information for me to answer that question. What is your setup? Are you running on real hardware or Vice? What type of drives are you using for storing the files? Which version of Image BBS are you talking about? The more information you provide, the easier it will be to answer specific questions.

Michael Hasson (RED DEVIL)

Larry Sorry The problem I was having was believed to be due to an old version of Vice, so AL did a new BBS on a stick and the Lt Kernal drive layout with an updated vice…How have you been,It has been a long time?

Larry Hedman

Hope you had a nice Christmas and are doing well.

Everything is fine here and I’m glad that Al was able to help you get your system set up with a new update to BBS on a stick.

Thanks for contacting us.

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