Calling all Image BBS 3.0 SysOp’s! Bucko over at the Wrong Number Family of BBSes has a couple of releases that will be available for download tonight, March 25th 2023 at 10pm EST here on 8-Bit Boyz.

The first download is his “WNFP PFile Disk 1” that contains mods such as Birthday Mod, Holiday Announcement along with a few others for support in both 40 and 80 columns.

The second download is the return of Bucko’s “BBS On A Stick!” v2.0 – Lt Kernal version running Image BBS 3.0! Within a few minutes you can have a complete Image 3.0 BBS running and receiving calls on your Windows desktop.

From Bucko:
Wrong Number Family Of BBS’ Release party tonight 10PM EST ciaamiga .org:6400 tonight will be the release of my first PFile disk and my BBS on a stick project… If you can’t get on ciaamiga then hit where there will be more slots open… Hope to see some folks there tonight..

So, mark your calendar and alarms to return to 8-Bit Boyz Image BBS downloads section where these two downloads will become available, tonight (March 25th 2023) at 10pm EST!

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