Thanks to Bucko for his package of Image BBS v2.0 on a stick it is easier than ever to install and log in to this classic BBS software!

I put together about an 18 minute video showing a quick walk through of setting up Image BBS on Windows then I fire up SyncTerm to log in to the BBS.  For those that had wondered about Bucko’s Image BBS v2.0 on a stick, this will show you what his release offers and how easy it is to use.

I will be working on more videos to follow down the road covering this Image BBS adventure, such as more detail on the SysOp interface and customizing the BBS.  I am thinking I might even setup a permanent version of Image BBS for 8-Bit Boyz.


You can download your copy of Image BBS from our previous post of “Image BBS v2.0 Download“.