DOWNLOAD Image BBS 1.0 Manual
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* This prints great at 100% on most inkjet and laser printers but if you find the page numbers at the bottom of the pages get cropped then just try printing it at around 98% original size or so. 



I highly recommend all Image SysOp’s add this manual to their BBS tool chest, as you will find it answers a lot of your questions form configuration to MCI text codes and more!

When you’re working with a program where its origins are over 30+ years old one thing you might find lacking is the manual.  Now with each day that passes more Image BBS operators are running v3.0 and with that said to this day I have found most of my original Image BBS v1.0 manual is still relevant to Image BBS v3.0.

Original Manual

One day when I was talking to Bucko on the phone he mentioned how he no longer has his Image BBS manual, so I grabbed my original manual from 1988, scanned it in and sent it over to Bucko so he had something.  However just scanning it is not as good as a real text file to get a nice print to store in a 3-ring binder.  I know there are a few other versions of this very manual floating around on the internet for download but like the one I did for Bucko they are just nothing more than a scanned document at photo copy quality.

This is when it became a personal mission for me to generate a clean copy of the original Image BBS manual to share with all!

So, using my original manual that was sent to me with Image BBS 1.0 a long time ago, I did an OCR scan, then went through each and every page to correct any interpretation issues.  I then converted it to PDF to make available a version of this manual that will print nice and clean, just like it would of back in 1988!