C64c Project: Clean and Retrobright

I last left off on the C64c project by testing the computer with a Dead Test cartridge to check if our computer was even a functioning unit. (You can view “C64c Project: The Dead Test” here.)  Now our C64c project is moving into the cleaning and retrobright phase of this restoration. Along the way in this phase of the project I discovered a few interesting things, such as, can retrobright really reverse extremely bad discoloration of the keys. Also, I find out that planned future proofing will turn into a necessity based on what is discovered during the cleaning of this computer.

Without going into too much more detail I will let you watch this episode of the C64c Project: Clean and Retrobright to see for yourself how our C64c is coming along.

The next phase of this restore will be replacing the capacitors, replacing any worn keyboard parts and the final hardware test.  Then this C64c will get to enjoy some game time with our new pi1541 from JSAS Technologies!

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That was actually a pretty interesting process. And the difference on those keys after Retro-Brighting is like night & day. BTW: I was one of those yelling ‘Don’t immerse that circuit board in the water!” LOL! This whole process reminds me of what I go thru when restoring an old glow engine powered model airplane. Some would ask ‘But why do it?”. Well, the results speak for themselves and there is a bit of satisfaction in bringing something old back to life again.