Back in December of 2019 I picked up a Commodore 64c bundle with a 1541-II all the cables and power supplies along with the manuals for a price that left me feeling like the Grinch steeling Christmas.  When I brought this bundle home, I quickly did a power on test to see how I fared which resulted in everything working!  The C64c was then set aside for a spring restore project, here we are on the 1st of July and I am now just getting to it.   Hey better late than, never right?  Knowing the C64c powered on I figured it was time to get a diagnostic cartridge that I could throw a few ROMs on to thoroughly test the hardware.

Through eBay I picked up a Dead Test Cartridge and was excited to find a seller making the Versa64Carts here in the USA.  After making the purchase I reached out to the seller with a question which turned into an ongoing conversation where I learned he has a few other goodies in the works that he will be releasing in the near future for the C64.  For now, I will leave it there on those goodies but you can bet in the future you will see them here on 8-Bit Boyz.

As for this phase of the C64c project, the Dead Test ran without any issues so the next phase will be a full system cleaning along with retro bright and repairing a couple broke keys on the keyboard.  Stay on the lookout for more to come on this project, for now I will leave you with the video of the Dead Test cartridge running on this machine.

If your interested in this cartridge from JSAS Technologies you can find them HERE on ebay.