I wanted to share with you a quick update about the lack of posts and videos over the past 2 1/2 months.  When the Covid-19 stay at home order went into effect I was slammed with work in my business from folks working at home now.  The bombardment of work started to lighten up during the end of May into June, which I used the extra free time for some home renovation projects along with finding MANY treasures in my attic which I forgot about over the past 20 years.  These finds will lead to a whole miniseries I am working on putting together to share on here with all, as there were some really funny and great finds!

Currently I am getting back to working on a 3rd and final video from Bob Spencer of MITS on his Attaché computer he designed and built for MITS.  I hope to have that video online here soon along with a couple more Image BBS videos that I have been getting a lot of request for in email.  So that is just part of what has been going on during this crazy time in our life and wanted to let you all know I have not forgotten but just been seriously side tracked with work.

I want to thank everyone for the kind emails and support over the past few months and hope you all stay safe!