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Article from the video.

This is the first part of our 8-Bit Boyz interview with Robert “Bob” Spencer who was one of the original engineers at MITS in Albuquerque, NM that worked on the Altair 8800 computer.

I meet Bob Spencer years ago and in the course of a conversation back then he picked up on my love for computer history so he began to tell me about his career when he worked at MITS developing the Altair 8800 computer.  Also known as the first personal computer!  After that initial meeting when I would meet up with Bob he would give me more pieces of information about his workings at MITS or the other pioneers in computers he crossed paths with.  For over a year I compiled a list of questions that one day I hoped to sit Bob down and ask so I could hear straight from a source that was part of the computer revolution.  Too my surprise Bob worked with and became friends with some of the other greats that really shaped our computer history such as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, David Bunnell, Ed Roberts and Eddie Currie to name a few. In this video series Bob will share with us his experience and relations ships with these guys along with development of the Altair!

Special thanks to Bob Spencer for all his memories and stories from a time that was historic and started the computer revolution which has led us to the devices we use daily today!

Now this video was planned for over a year to happen but when I had the chance to actually sit down and make it I was far from prepared on the video side of things due to life.  Thanks to great audio and video editing tools I was able to put together a 2-part video of my “Interview with Bob Spencer of MITS”.