*** EFFECTIVE March 12th 2021 ***

Bucko’s Image On A Stick is no longer available. Bucko has decided to discontinue the Image On A Stick due to various systems seem to misconfigure VICE emulator causing Image to have some configuration issues that lead to BBS crashes.  This is no fault of VICE or IMAGE it is just two environments that have so many possible configurations that are effected by so many factors of each persons system.

You can still download Image 2.0 and Image 3.0 located under Downloads under BBS Software.  These are basically the same thing just not preconfigured and bundled with VICE, you will need to download VICE separately.

We also now have the Image BBS Software message board where you can find and post support questions.

Here is Commodore’s Image BBS v2.0 on a stick!  Bucko of “The Wrong Number ][” has made it so you can copy this version of Image BBS v2.0 to a USB stick that is ready to run under WinVice emulation! Before you know it you will have a fully working Image BBS up and accepting calls through Telnet!

You can view the full story behind “Image BBS 64 version 2.0!!” here.