Santa has delivered again for Commodore folks this Christmas Eve!

Bucko who gave us Image BBS v2.0 On A Stick has gone and done it again by releasing another BBS On A Stick, this time it is Image BBS v3.0 On A Stick!  All you need to do is to copy the files in the download to a USB stick and you can run Image BBS v3.0 on just about any Windows machine!

Once downloaded be sure to read the “BBS on a stick.pdf” inside the ZIP file. This quick guide will get you going on loading Image and setting up the drives.

A couple tricks to avoid common issues:

(1) If you already have VICE on your computer you need to rename the VICE folder under your C:\users\username\appdata\roaming  to something like VICE-OLD so it wont confuse settings/config for Image’s VICE

(2) Also when you get the BBS running and the Waiting For Caller screen comes on, you must first logon to the BBS in local mode and configure your modem for VICE per the settings on page 17 of the “Image 3.0 Sysop Guide.pdf” in the ZIP.


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