Image BBS v3.0: CMD HD Setup

This is the setup tutorial video by X-Tec for Image BBS v3.0 using the CMD HD.  In this video X-Tec will go from the initial install all the way through to getting your Image v3.0 BBS online and accepting calls using the CMD HD in VICE.  X-Tec is one of the original developers of Image BBS 3.0 who has continued to work on the Image BBS software over the years along with Bucko and a handful of others.

Make sure you have downloaded Image BBS v3.0 available from our DOWNLOADS

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Michael Hasson (RED DEVIL)

OMG I cannot believe Image BBS 3.0 was released I use to have ver.1.2 and at that time Fred Dart was talking about Image 2.0 and that was the end of that.. I Ran The Ram’s Den with my Dad I ran it for 2 years after my father got sick I decided to shut the board down, I also purchased a 40 meg Lt.Kernal for 800.00….. So since all my fathers commodore equipment got damaged in Hurricane Floyd I just never tryed to repurchase it,untill now…Thank you all for keeping the 1 thing I loved to do growing up… Read more »

Mike Newkirk

anyone using a commodore wifi modem with this? My system locks up (stuck between lines 60335-60345) after blocks free check. I never can make it to instant logon step. Status shows that I am in the sub.modem part of the system.