For years I would hear that in the future we will have less wires when it comes to our computer systems.  Well part of that is true and the rest is just flat out the opposite if anything else these days.  Most of the home and office setups I see daily are like mine once was, no matter how clean your work space is or your desktop there is usually 9 times out of 10 a mess of all sorts of wires tucked behind furniture, in a closet or sometimes just running across a room.

Back in the early fall of 2016 I was home sick for the better part of a week due to pneumonia along with a partial collapsed lung and was I getting board just laying around watching shows doing nothing.  So, I figured why not attack the wire mess behind my desk where network switches, cable modem, VOIP box and a router were all crammed in one heck of a rat’s nest.  My goal was to simply mount the key networking equipment on a wallboard with a dedicated power strip and easy access so when I am out on a job and my family calls to say the internet is down they now have simple walk up access to check each piece of equipment and even flip a switch to power cycle everything.  Now realize I did upset my wife when I should have been “resting” per doctor’s orders and instead I got to working on this feeling like heck but determined to get this project done.

This cleanup/organization project took a few to 5 hours due to illness but I got it done with only one simple mistake, that was instead of coiling the cat cables I bound them up tight, not to worry I did correct it when I was feeling much better and you will see that in the final shot!