This is an exciting new accessory for all Commodore collections!


The FNX1591 3.5″ floppy disk drive by Foenix Retro Systems is designed to be paired with their F256k computer, but it is also IEC compatible for all Commodore computers, even including the new MEGA65.  The FNX1591 disk drive can be programed via a USB port with up to 16 different firmware configurations, allowing it to work as many different types of drives in one.  That means you can program this disk drive to be a Commodore 1581 disk drive via firmware and connect it up to any one of the many Commodore computers, including the MEGA65, as a fully compatible 1581 720k disk drive.


On the underside of the FNX1591 there are dip switches to allow you to select which firmware you want the drive to run under along with switches to select its drive number.  The FNX1591 also has dual IEC sockets, so you can daisy chain it like any other Commodore IEC disk drive on your computer.  This amazing drive is housed in a resin printed case that is designed to match its 8-bit computer, the F256K.  It also uses an external power supply and has a convenient power switch located on the back next to the power supply jack.



This is such an exciting accessory for the Commodore line as the current average selling price of a used 1581 3.5″ disk drive seems to be in excess of $350 on eBay, whereas this brand new FNX1591 is only $275 plus shipping!  The FNX1591 drive will start shipping in April 2023 so if you have been looking for a 1581 or an additional drive for your retro system, I would suggest you visit Feonix Retro System and take a look at all the power of the FNS1591.