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TAZ is  a full featured  terminal program for the  Atari ST based loosely off of Telix for the IBM  PC.  Daryl and I looked at  the world of  ST term programs one  day and said  to ourselves, "This sucks rocks."   There were quite a few  terms out there, but none that combined  good emulation,  broad protocol  support, ease  of use, and a decent running speed into a single package.  So we sat down  and decided to write  one.  Even more, we  decided to do it 100% in  assembly  so  that we  could  add high  speed  text  and protocol support, and if we could  swing it, a 640x200 16  colour text mode for calling up the more artistic ANSI boards.

Terminal emulations and transfer protocols by Daryl Richards. Screen and menu systems by Kevin Tessner. All other code by Daryl Richards and Kevin Tessner. All code in this program was originally written and optimized with ST MicroEMACS and Atari's Madmac Assembler. It is now developed with Pure Assembler and the Pure C integrated environment. Any similarities between our routines and somebody else's are purely coincidental.

Release 1.x of TAZ is released under the Shareware concept and may be distributed on diskette or in archival form provided that the following files are included:

TAZ.PRG TAZ program file
UPDTAZ.TOS An updater for those who somehow got older
versions of TAZ
DOCFORM.TTP A simple document splitter / formatter
TAZ.DOC This document
VT52.KEY VT52 Terminal Macros
ANSI.KEY ANSI Terminal Macros
FULLANSI.KEY More complete ANSI Terminal Macros
READ.ME Notes about the document formatter
HISTORY The revision history
TAZ.ICN A desktop icon for TAZ
TAZ.MSK The desktop icon mask


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