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This is a .SHK disk image for an 140KB  5.25" floppy disk of MegaTerm v1.1 used on an Apple IIe Enhanced or Apple IIgs.

MEGATERM (tm?) v1.1 - Written in full by Bluetamon and The Red Flame...


One day I got a PC Transporter and loved the ANSI.. that's about all I loved, but that's besides the point... I figured the Apple world needed an ANSI emulator.. Proterm's vt-52 and 100 series were ok for positioning but when you tried to figure out what the heck it was you were looking at... that was a different story...
Well, Agate was released.. it was pretty impressive, had all the IBM high-bit characters (the first program I had seen to sport such a feature) and it was also pretty legible...
I would have stopped right there, but there was one thing I didn't like about Agate, it was black and white... how many people out there choose black and white over color? Exactly...
Well, I was pretty good in assembly (still am, in fact) and Bluetamon was a veteran from the 65C02 days. Unfortunately he moved to Arizona a while ago. But what are modems for? Needless to say we both spent too much on long distance during this project...
It was then decided that I would write the part of the program that actually handled the ANSI and he would write the terminal program... so that's what we did.. the only problem was the excessive switching betwixt 8 and 16 bit.. I wanted to use 16 bit mode for the ANSI, but the firmware was all 8 bit (don't ask me why, it's lame)... anyway, Bluetamon was getting kind of sick of working on it, and I myself was getting sick of just letting it sit on the hard drive.. I mean, we conceived this idea about a year ago and could have had it out several months earlier. But we were just lazy and it's basically sat around until I figured we'd better get it out... so here it is...

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