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FreeZe Dried Software Presents:

FreeZe Dried Terminal v2.20

FreeZe Dried Terminal was written by a BBS (Bulletin Board System) addict.  It was written because the "best" of all available Terminal Programs just wasn't good enough for my use.  The original purpose was to write a more usable terminal program just for my personal use, but as it grew and developed, I gave it to a few friends and they enjoyed it so much that my goal became developing it enough to the point of perfection, at which time I would release it.  But as I worked on it, I discovered that it never could be quite perfect, and at some point I would have to stop and say "This is it, I'm going to release this if it kills me."  You see, I am a bit of a perfectionist.  FZT can never be perfect, and never will.  There will always be things to change, new features to add.  I started  zDSTerm in mid-August, 1990 and it has taken me almost two years to get this far.  I hope you enjoy using it as much as I and my Beta-testers do.

Here are a few features that FzDSTerm has to offer: - [FEA]

o Colorful, Intuitive non-GEM user interface with full mouse control and   keyboard commands for most selections.

o True 19200 baud input handling.  Use your high-speed modem as it was meant   to be used.

o VT-52, ANSI, UBT-Graphics, Instant Graphics, and more.

o Any external protocol can be installed under easy-to-use shell:

  Currently installed protocols include Z-Modem Batch, Y-Modem Batch,

  Y-Modem G Batch, F-Modem Batch, X-Modem 1k, X-Modem CRC, X-Modem Checksum.

o Any protocol with a unique start sequence may be set up to Auto-Start   receiving or sending.  (Z-Modem send and receive are currently set up to   do so.)

This program is Shareware. The Demo may be distributed freely.  Programs and All Documentation Copyright (c)1991-1992 Aaron Hopkins

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