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░▒▓█ - DUKE NUKEM 3D v1.3d - Shareware - █▓▒░
░▒▓█ ---     by 3D Realms Entertainment    --- █▓▒░

This Shareware version, released on January 29, 1996, contained only the first episode.

 "It makes every PC game we've seen, DOOM  included, look dull. Honestly!" ─ PC Gamer.  Duke blows away everything you know about 3D  action games. Blow thru walls, jetpack over  buildings, fight underwater--all in a truly  interactive game like you have *never* seen.  Supports SVGA modes, multiplay, most game  controllers.  Music by Bobby (DOOM) Prince.  Now, go kick-butt in  futuristic Los Angeles!


Minimum CPU Class Required: Intel i486 DX2
Minimum OS Class Required : PC/MS-DOS 5.0
Minimum RAM Required : 8 MB
Media Type : CD-ROM 2x (300 KB/s)
Hard Drive Space : 25MB
Video Modes Supported : SuperVGA, VESA, VGA
Video Resolutions Supported: 320×200, 320×400, 640×480, 800×600
Color Depth : 8-bit (256 colors)


Sound Devices Supported: Adlib, Disney Sound Source, Ensoniq Soundscape, General MIDI, Gravis Ultrasound / ACE, Pro Audio Spectrum, Roland Sound Canvas, Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster AWE32, Sound Blaster Pro, Tandy / PCjr
Input Devices Supported: Gravis Gamepad, Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse, Thrustmaster (FCS and/or WCS)
Controller Types Supported: Analog Joystick, Digital Joystick
Multiplayer Options IPX, Modem, NetBIOS, Null-modem cable
Multiplayer Game Modes Attribute Image Co-Op, Attribute Image Free-for-all / One-on-one (VS)
Number of Offline Players Attribute Image 1-2 Players
Number of Online Players 2-8 Players
Save Game Methods Attribute Image Internal Storage, Attribute Image Manual Save.




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