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DOOM v1.9

This Shareware version of DOOM was released 10/13/1996

This is the latest and FINAL version of DOOM, version 1.9. This version has various bug fixes, includes the new DM.EXE (DeathManager) shell, the new DWANGO.EXE app, rewritten  SETUP.EXE and slightly modified SERSETUP and IPXSETUP programs. Read the DM.DOC and DWANGO.DOC on information about the new programs. Also included is the quite awesome DOOM FAQ v6.666! Read it and weep!

The IDDT network cheat bug has been fixed. E3M9 bug has been fixed.


DOOM(TM) requires an IBM compatible 386 or better with 4 megs of RAM, a VGA graphics card, and a hard disk drive. A 486 or better, a Sound Blaster Pro(TM) or 100% compatible sound  card is recommended. A network that uses the IPX protocol is required for network gameplay.





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