Zelch BBS

Zelch 128 PETSCII Intro Screen
The Zacman
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port:
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS the BBS Software is running on:
Commodore 128 KERNAL
BBS Software:
Zelch 128
Hardware Details:
Stock Commodore 128 personal computer with C64Net-WiFi serial internet modem and SD2IEC storage.
Description of BBS:

From 1986-1993, The Zelch BBS ran on regular phone lines before being revived in 1996 as the world’s First Commodore 8-bit telnet BBS. That 1996 configuration is back again in its original colorful and whimsical glory, still running on the same C128 with the same original Zelch 128 software.

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