The Underground

80x25 Theme and 132x37 theme available at The Underground!
The Godfather
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RPI4 with over 11tb of HD space and tons of files, 1gig fiber internet.
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Founded in 1991 in Arvada / Westminster Colorado, again in 2005ish, and lastly 2020 for good now. The BBS is very well themed, tons of files to download both old and new, excellent FTN’s and local discussion areas, and tons of online games. Highly customized Mystic BBS including a wide screen 132×37 and traditional 80×25 theme all in one BBS. Set your Terminal software to your desired theme prior to calling, or have both within your “phone book” each for different purposes! Araknet, Phenom, RCS Modding Group, member. FTN’s: ArakNet, ZeroNet, TQWnet, FSXnet, RetroNet, SpookNet, and more if requested. Come join the famiglia today!

Indiana, USA
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