The Kats Alley

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BBS Software
Image BBS v3.0
Hardware Details
Commodore 64 w/SuperCPU, 16M RAM, CMD HardDrive. All running under VICE emulation on a Windows server.
Description of BBS

The Kats Alley was originally ran in 1990 out in Phoenix Arizona on a Commodore 64 with a 1541, 1581 & a Commodore D9060 5MB HardDrive using Image BBS software 1.2a. I found some of my original data disks this summer (2021) from back then and figured it was time to bring back The Kats Alley! I am still working on restoring the custom screens, menus and such.

The Kats Alley offers not only Commodore CG but also ANSI for other systems in both 40 & 80 column modes! We are node #25 on the NISSA network offering networked message boards!

Rio Rancho, NM
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