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John Polka
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The Part-Time BBS was the longest running Atari 8 bit BBS in the 216 Cleveland Ohio area code. It was originally online from 1985 to early 2000.

On December 23, 2017, Part-Time returned online via telnet. The version that you can now telnet to was pieced together with backup floppy disks from 1990.

The BBS includes restored messages/message bases from 1988 through 1990, some restored file sections, and online games.

For best results, log in with an Atari 8-bit or a telnet client that supports ATASCII (Atari Mode). One such client is Syncterm. Syncterm is available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS/X, etc. You can download Syncterm here.

Part-Time's telnet address is: port 8000 (IP Address: port 8000).

Portland, OR, USA

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