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Tim Grooms
Telnet Address
Telnet Port
Computer Hardware Category
Computer OS the BBS Software is running on
Amiga OS 3.1.4
BBS Software
Zeus v1.7
Hardware Details
Amiga 1200 with DKB Cobra 68030/40, 32mb of expansion memory, Indivision AGA, 2 - 16GB CompactFlash cards, 3Com PCMCIA network card with 90 degree adapter.
Description of BBS

Originally began life on a Commodore Vic-20 in 1983 using modified Electric Magazine basic BBS software which was written and sold for the C=64. Ran Hal's BBS on the 64 for a while and then EBBS on the 128. Moved to my Amiga in 1986 and ran the following different software packages: BBS-PC!, Paragon, Starnet, MEBBSNet and finally Excelsior! Shut down in 1997 and reopened in 2018 using Excelsior! for a short time (has a y2k bug) and then moved to Zeus which it is currrently running. We have weekly chats every Saturday nite at 10pm EST. Join us if you can.

Mayflower, AR USA
  • Call from 3000T with AMTelnet
  • From the 128D
  • Weekly chat from Amiga 1000
  • Weekly Chat from Android Tablet

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Tim Grooms

The weblink to the BBS shouldn’t have an s in the http portion. It should be just http://www.ciaamiga.org I need to fix that I guess ha.

Tim Grooms

Believe it or not I had pulled that 1000 out of my storage and had it set up on a table on my back porch when the weather was really nice. Did the chat from there and really enjoyed it.