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Image BBS On A Stick v2.1L!!

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Posted by: @sutehk

Now I need a manual for the Lt. Kernel. 😁

Can you run the SuperCPU and Lt Kernel in unison?

Ive noticed Image is a little slower on the pi than windows with SuperCPU and CMD HD. Not much though actually….


The main reason it is slower is because the CPU of the emulated 64 is now running at 1mhz instead of 20mhz.. 

As for the time, if you turn off the sound in settings that will fix up the time issue.. 

Running at 110% is a fix, but it may also start to run fast. My suggestion is just turn off the sound in the settings. I did that and lost about 10 seconds in 8 hours...




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Posted : 04/09/2023 3:52 pm
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