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Image BBS 65!

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Okay so I just watched the latest Mega65 update video and with a stock 256k RAM and 40mhz CPU that is so similar to the 6502 would be cool to see and Image BBS running on it.  That is made for the c65!  I just want to put that out there as Bucko & X-Tec need another project LOL!!!

Seriously though a BBS would run awesome on there and there could even be multi node ability! From what little I have played with on the current Mega 65 emulator it really can do some amazing things!

Topic starter Posted : 18/03/2021 10:03 pm
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Actually, I threw my 1.2b system on the Ultimate 64 at 40mhz, it was ridiculously fast!! I couldn't believe it but unfortunately my setup had a uIEC/SD working as a HD and it couldn't keep up with the 40mhz, and it was corrupting files.. NOW I am being told the new U64 has a fast drive setup which can handle up to 255 partitions. Once I figure out how to use it and set it up and Image has no issues with it, I will setup a 3.0 board on the U64 at 38.4k running at 40mhz, and instantaneous Drive access.. If it all works, that will be one FAST c64 board!!

Wrong Number Famly of BBS'
Wrong Number ][ BBS - (Mystic BBS)
Wrong Number ]I[ BBS - (CNet Amiga BBS)
Wrong Number IV BBS - (Image BBS v3.0)
Bucko's Den II - (Enigma .5 Linux BBS)
Time Warp BBS - (CNet 128 v7.2+)
(Soon to be Bucko's Den Name change coming in weeks for
Time Warp!

Posted : 19/03/2021 7:41 pm
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