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how do i Install Doors?

King Nothing
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and how do i Install Doors? There is no "PF" in the menu to run any games


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* I split this off into a new topic from your "Edit Menus" post being they are two separate topics.

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A BBS "door" is an interface between the bulletin board system and an external application. It is a computer program that runs outside of the BBS program. Image does not use 'doors' since it cannot interface with outside systems while a caller is online. But, since you referred to "PF" in your question, I assume you are asking about running games and other applications within the Image BBS system. The "PF" files in Image version 1.2 referred to a section for running program files. In Image 1.2 there are also "TF" "MF" and "RF" sections for viewing text files, movie files and RLE files. In Image 2.0 and 3.0, all those sections are combined into one section called the "GF" section which stands for "General Files".

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King Nothing
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thank you i just installed Yahtzee.


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