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BBS On A Stick! V2.1 – Lt Kernal Version!!!!

A Wrong Number Family Of BBS’ Production!!

This updated download "BBS On A Stick!", now version 2.1, you can have a complete Commodore 64 Image BBS v3.0 up running and receiving callers in a matter of minutes!

Installing BBS On A Stick In Windows:

Installing Image BBS 3.0 within Vice and getting it to work with TCPSER can be a little daunting to some. In the past you had to use a special older version of Vice and a special TCPSER, and then there was no guarantee it would work. Within an hour of playing with Vice, TCPSER, and Image 2.0 I was able to get everything to work with each other and work pretty well. So, with the release of Image v3.0 came an idea to re-release the Stick project, but that was met with folks having issues with the install. So, I am going to give this another shot.

* Read the included "bbsstick.PDF" file in this contained ZIP file for full instructions.

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