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Night Rider
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Intel i5
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We are the Official BBS Door Games & Apps Museum.
A Telnetable DOS BBS in Edmonton, AB, CANADA
A revived and revamped elite PCBoard BBS from 1995, operating in the (604). This is not your stock PCBoard. Modded to the MAX with many original, never before seen programs (PPEs) and games created by the sysop. Over 1800 door games, many of which are fully registered. Come and play our very own SUDOKU game. The theme is Retro DOS Games & Apps. Large file areas. Excellent SysOp resources. PCBoard support area. ANSi Artpacks & eMags archives. Monster CDROM file archive. VGA Planets (VGAP) Host. Old-skool look and feel. ArakNet, FidoNet, FsxNet, SciNet. BlueWave & QWK Mail. Come and experience the real power of PCBoard ...........10 Nodes - 24/7
For the best ANSI emulation, please use one of the following Telnet Clients to login:
Syncterm - Netrunner - Qodem

Edmonton, AB, Canada

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