Boot Factory 2k+
Abdul (bf2k+)
Telnet Address
Telnet Port
Computer Hardware Category
Computer OS the BBS Software is running on
Altirra (SpartaDOS 3.3a) under Windows
BBS Software
BBS:Express Pro v2.1a
Hardware Details
Atari 8-bit BBS running on a Core i7 homegrown PC
Description of BBS

Online since January 1984, (with minor deviations), the Boot Factory has been running in Richmond VA for years... first as an Atari 8-bit BBS (1984-88), next as a PC BBS running in Fidonet (from 1988-1996) and then back on an Atari 8-bit emulator (since 1999). We were an original beta tester for BBS:Express v1.0 back in 1986. Also home of the original 'BBS on a stick' back in 2008 with 2 different released stick systems; BBS:Express v1.0 and Carina v2.7... both Atari 8-bit systems running on the a800win emulator on a PC.

Mechanicsville VA

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