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[Sticky] Welcome Image BBS Sysop's!

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Shane - "PalKat"
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Posted by: @bucko

Good for you Chuck!! You don't have to stay on topic here, just ask Palkat, we end up going off on tangents all the time, you should see some of our LENGTHY emails!! Jeez.. Best times for support with Image is posting here, (I try to get on here every few days)...

On topic seems to be optional in my mind, so many thoughts and ideas they just all blurt out in endless emails or posts like @Bucko stated.  I will say though if you get stuck or have questions @Bucko is my go to, the man lives and breathes Image BBS.  


The Kats Alley BBS -=[ ]=- ....Running Image 3.0 for the C64
8-Bit Boyz BBS -=[ ]=- ....Running Mystic on Windows
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Topic starter Posted : 12/03/2023 7:35 pm
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