WildCat Prison BBS

WildCat Prison BBS
BBS Name: WildCat Prison BBS
SysOp(s): Ruben Figueroa
Telnet Address: wcalt.rdfig.net
Telnet Port: 2324
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Windows 10, 32bit OS
BBS Software: WildCat/WinServer
Hardware Details: Intel Core Duo CPU, E650 @2.33GHZ, 4GB Ram

This my oldest bbs, running since 2001. Many games, two game servers and two TradeWars2 servers, Fidonet and FSXNet message bases and DoveNet
Many files current and antique. This WildCat system is Hub for WildCat bbs’s running NetSerial and PXW FOR THE FSXNet Message base

Location: Mesquite, Tx USA