PB Renegade

PB Renegade
BBS Name: PB Renegade
SysOp(s): Zazz
Telnet Address: gapbbs.rdfig.net
Telnet Port: 2424
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS the BBS Software is running on: WindowsXP in Oracle VM
BBS Software: Renegade 1.22/DOS
Hardware Details: Host computer is PC, Windows 32OS, Oracle VM running WindowxXP
Description of BBS:

Prison Board Renegade is a fully functional bbs with 3 Message Networks (Fidonet, MetroNet and fsxNet), files for download being built up, Online Games with access to Game Servers and TradeWar Servers.

Location: Mesquite, Tx USA
  • PB Renegade
  • PB Renegade
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