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SEQ File viewing issues

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On my 1.2 Image BBS I had several custom c/g graphics files that displayed, I had an opening screen that changed with each day of the week, and also a graphical "thanks for calling the Riktronics BBS" done up in character graphics.  They are not showing up correctly in 3.0. They dont' show up correctly in the SEQ reader built into the LTK tools, and they don't show up when logged into the BBS (to test I changed the s.end 1 to one of my graphics files) I thought I mights have gotten some corruption in my files, but I have read the same copies with a standalone SEQ viewer run from my BBS computer that is hooked to the LTK.

It seems like the system is encountering some character that it doesn't like and throwing things off after it encounters that character. For example, one of the screens gets 3/4 of the way through perfectly and then glitches out, while other screens glitch from the very beginning. It isn't random garbage characters, it shows the same way each time. I am attaching a couple of examples, one is how it shows up in a SEQ file reader and the other is how it displays within either the BBS or the built in LTK SEQ reader.


atlanta orig
atlanta bbs

Any ideas? 

Topic starter Posted : 07/02/2024 6:14 am
Shane - "PalKat"
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Hi @riktronics, I had that with Image 1.2 eon's ago but with an ANSI file, like you suspect here my issue was with a specific character, in my case it was a color change causing my issue. That is about all I can remember as this was back about 30 some years ago. I will leave this to the true source of knowledge I go to who is: @larryhedman and @Bucko 😉

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Posted : 07/02/2024 9:11 am
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Yes, we all went through that process of our 1.2 graphics screens not showing up correctly in Image 1.3 and above. The reason is because of how Ray modified the editor to be able to show messages that look good in both 40 and 80 column format depending on which screen width the caller was using. The problem is with wrap around. Image 1.3 and above does not recognize the carriage return at the end of a line formatted in Image 1.2 and below. In order to fix your graphics screens to display properly, you can load them into the editor and if a line of graphics is not wraping around to the next line properly, enter a revs-off character at the end of that line. It will act as a carriage return in your Image 3.0 conversion of your graphics files.


Posted : 08/02/2024 4:03 am