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Image on sd2iec

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This question is for @Bucko as I know you did this in the past.

I was asked over the weekend and also a few weeks back on setting up Image 3 on real hardware using an SD2IEC drive.  If memory serves right you had this setup running a while back. The questions I recieved asked the best way to get the files on the SD2IEC from .d81 format and best way to configure/setup the SD2IEC drive for partitions.

Do you have a quick general setup suggestion for this?

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Topic starter Posted : 29/11/2021 7:29 am
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I ran 1.2 on a uIEC/SD card. What I did was copy the files on a PC to a directory then copy them to the SD Card. So Pull the .d81 disk up in DirMaster then export all of the files to a PC Directory then copy them from the PC Directory to your SD Card and insert the SD Card in your SDIEC.. That is the easiest way to go about it..

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Posted : 29/11/2021 12:13 pm