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Our Mystic gets a new VM

Shane - "PalKat"
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Well after over a  year plus of hearing about @Bucko enjoying Proxmox for his VM's I dipped my toe in to the Proxmox server and fell all the way in, hard!! I don't regret it.  One very interesting thing is how my VM for our 8-Bit Boyz BBS in Mystic is so much faster now than before.  The VM build in Proxmox is the same as before; Windows 7 32bit, 3meg RAM built on a SSD.  However my Proxmox is currently running on a i7 where as the original VM for this BBS was ran under Windows Hypervisor on a Xeon CPU that was much faster then the current Proxmox CPU.  So I can only imagine what my VM's will be like once I convert that Xeon server from Microsoft to Proxmox.  

I really do enjoy having a headless server as it has been decades since I had one running in house but more so I am enjoying the stability and speed of switching from the Microsoft server platform to Linux server based plaform.  So thank you @Bucko, if I didn't hear about your great success with Proxmox I would of just kept on overlooking it.

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NO problem my friend.. I only play around with this, in real life I am a race car driver..

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