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1st – Wrong Number ][
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6404
BBS Software: Image 1.2b (With telnet enhancements)

The original WN2 from 1994 back online. PFiles, MFiles, TFiles, Large UD Library

2nd – Wrong Number ][ 2.0
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6405
BBS Software: Image BBS (2.0)

The only Image 2.0 BBS in existence online.

Commodore Image 2.0 HQ
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6407
BBS Software: Image 2.0

Commodore Image BBS 2.0 Head Quarters!

Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6401
BBS Software: C-Net 64 DS-2 ver. 2.5

This Bulletin Board System is
running on a Commodore 64 mode
microcomputer using the C-Net DS-2
v2.5 system software.

The DS-2 system has been developed
over more than 7 years to enhance the
capabilities of the Commodore 64 far
beyond its designers wildest dreams.

Using the DS-2 v2.5 system, the
system operator may choose to make
TRUE 2400 baud communication available
to the users, which is a feature that
even now Commodore Customer Service
department CLAIMS is impossible.

C-Net DS-2 version 2.5 (c)1990
features special modifications to take
advantage of the extremely powerful
CMD Hard Drives and RAMlink device!
All versions of DS-2 are fully
JiffyDOS compatible.

Jim`Selleck, System Software Designer
(c)1990 Perspective Software

Original C-Net concept and software
versions were written by Ken Pletzer

Reign of Fire II
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6400
BBS Software: C-Net DS-2

Yesterday’s BBS running on today’s technology. RoFII is what is left of the memory of my first BBS back in the early 90’s before I switch from C-Net64 to C-Net Amiga. Please give us a call and welcome us back to life!

C-Net 128
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6502
BBS Software: C-Net 128

Supports both 40 and 80 column terminals. CG and ANSI Graphics. Running on real hardware.

Surf Shop
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 64128
BBS Software: Color 64 V8

WinVice and TCPSER

Welcome Screen
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6400
BBS Software: Color 64 BBS v7.37

Color 64 BBS v7 Preservation and Support Site

The Wrong Number IV BBS
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 3000
BBS Software: Image BBS v3.0

One of only two Image BBS v3.0 BBS’ in existence. This Software is in very early alpha testing stages as it is being programmed by myself and another programmer. Come by to see what the future holds for Image BBS..

The Wrong Number V BBS
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6408
BBS Software: Image BBS v1.2b

The original Wrong Number ][ BBS rebranded as Wrong Number V, has the entire library from when it went down in 1993, along with the NISSA Network and other things. Highly Modified, the precursor to my work on Image BBS v2.0 and now v3.0