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C-Net 64 DS-2 ver. 2.5
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Commodore 64
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This Bulletin Board System is
running on a Commodore 64 mode
microcomputer using the C-Net DS-2
v2.5 system software.

The DS-2 system has been developed
over more than 7 years to enhance the
capabilities of the Commodore 64 far
beyond its designers wildest dreams.

Using the DS-2 v2.5 system, the
system operator may choose to make
TRUE 2400 baud communication available
to the users, which is a feature that
even now Commodore Customer Service
department CLAIMS is impossible.

C-Net DS-2 version 2.5 (c)1990
features special modifications to take
advantage of the extremely powerful
CMD Hard Drives and RAMlink device!
All versions of DS-2 are fully
JiffyDOS compatible.

Jim`Selleck, System Software Designer
(c)1990 Perspective Software

Original C-Net concept and software
versions were written by Ken Pletzer

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