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8-Bit Boyz BBS
SysOp(s): PalKat
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 6502
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Windows
BBS Software: Mystic
Hardware Details: VM running dual core, 2gig ram, 9+ TB storage, Windows
BBS Description/Comments:

8-Bit Boyz BBS is this websites official BBS! Offering fsxNet, FidoNet, RetroNet, CNet message networks, inter bbs games and more!

Location: Rio Rancho, NM
A 90’s Manila BBS
SysOp(s): Balky
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

The System Operator’s primary motivation in running this BBS is to have fun in retro computing. He exerted effort to make this BBS give you a mid-1990’s BBSing experience. FsxNet and Fidonet echo mail areas are available here. Popular door games such as (but not limited to) LORD, LORD2, Global War, etc., can be played here.

Location: Singapore, , Singapore
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 2300
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Wilcat!
BBS Description/Comments:

Over 30+ Registered Door Games like LORD, TW2002, And More. Over 540,000 Files available in Downloads. Large Selection of BBS System Software and Online Doors. All Night Owl, Simtel, and Walnut Creek BBS CD-ROM Loaded on System. Duke Nukem, Doom I/II, Hexen, Commander Keen and more. FULL ACCESS ON FIRST CALL

Location: Kansas City, MO, USA
Back to the Future BBS
SysOp(s): outatime
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux
BBS Software: x/84
BBS Description/Comments:

Dial Up: 1 978 822 2586

BBSes are a return to the past, just like our favorite time travel movie. BTTTFBBS is a playground for Linux and Python experiments. Features a dial-out modem (call out to dial-up BBSes or information services), some local and networked games, and whatever features the sysop feels like developing.

Location: Raleigh, NC, USA
Before The Web
SysOp(s): Dallas Vinson
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23232
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Windows 10
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

Member of the following Networks:
SFnet – 42:256/2
fsxnet – 21:4/102

Location: Huntsville/AL/USA
Black Flag
SysOp(s): Hawk Hubbard
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

Black Flag
bf-scrollerFull name: Piranha Under the Black Flag. The board is mainly an underground ACiD art show board since 1995 and a hub for various modding groups over the years.

For over 20 years it has been the lucky recipient of the finest working screens from the worlds best ANSi – Ascii and RIPScrip artists. We would like to list and thank those over the years that have contributed to the boards great success. Lord Jazz aka ungenannt – Catbones – smooth – Bedlam – RaD Man – Azrael – Satanic Sly – Schizosynth -Wildcat – Fever – Stone the Crow – Misfit – Enzo – Spear – griskokare – hellbeard – pogue – armageddon donut – Knocturnal – H7 – AVG – Matt Matthew – Nuremberg – Keetar – KHZ – MHZ – Sephiroth and others.

Boards that I run:

– Mystic : (Main system)
– PCBoard : (Vintage PCBoard)
– Searchlight : (RIPScrip Protocol) You will need the Riptel Windows telnet client: riptel.msi which you can download from the Mystic board on port 23

Staff: Captain Hood (Sysop)
Co-Sysops : ungenannt – RaD Man – TCF – griskokare – Fever


– ACiD telnet HQ
– ACiDic WHQ
– Blocktronics member board
– Sadist Distro


– Agoranet US Eastern Agora 46:1/104
– Survival Net 9:91/17
– Zeronet 911:1727/1
– Fidonet 1:135/369
– fsxNet 21:1/112
– RetroNet 80:774/22

Door games:

– L.O.R.D. Ultimate Edition
– Starship Galactica
– Barren Realms Elite
– Operation: Overkill II
– Usurper
– L.O.R.D. 2 (New World)
– Trade Wars Gold 2002 Local Game
– Pirates Cove
– Planets (TEOS)
– Jedi Knights
– Trade Wars Game Server and Space Quest Game Serve

… and many more

We suggest Netrunner or Syncterm for the best experience. Both clients will automagically change fonts so ASCII resembles its traditional Amiga font, and ANSI blocks are represented properly. The browser-based terminal below will also work, but results may vary.

Black Flag: The World’s Most Dangerous BBS!

Location: Hudson, FL, USA
SysOp(s): Blackice
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

Very active Userbase. The Newscenter is one ot the special features of the BlackICE BBS. Read News, Tweets and much more. You can also send tweets from the Board! The FileArea counts more than 222.000 files and is one the biggest in the BBS Scene. WHQ BBSnet, DoorGames, Many MsgNetworks, Pointfriendly and more! The BlackICE BBS receives an average amount of 300+ calls per month and process 1000+ Messages per day.

Location: Duesseldorf, , Germany
SysOp(s): Dumas Walker
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
SSH Address:
SSH Port: 2022
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Debian
BBS Software: Synchronet
BBS Description/Comments:

Read and post messages locally and on International networks such as FIDO, ILink (QWK/Binkp hub), DoveNet, Micronet (regional hub), VKRADIO, PiNet, Developernet, Usenet newsgroups, FSXnet, GameNet, TQWnet, SciNet, Agoranet. Featuring local and league doors such as Galactic Dynasty, For Honour, and Tradewars. Over 20k files online, mostly DOS, including Simtel archives from 1995, 1996, & 1999!

Location: Kentucky, USA
Castle Rock BBS
SysOp(s): Black Panther
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: Linux (Ubuntu 18.04LTS/64bit)
BBS Software: Mystic
BBS Description/Comments:

Here is a list of the current networks that are being carried:

fsxNet *
RetroNet *
DoreNet *
SportNet *
Usenet newsgroups

(* indicates Castle Rock BBS is a hub for these networks)

Location: Rio Rancho, NM (USA)
SysOp(s): Atreyu
Telnet Address:
Telnet Port: 23
Computer Hardware Category:
Computer OS: DOS
BBS Software: Renegade
Hardware Details: IBM PC
BBS Description/Comments:

Darkrealms is a Bulletin Board System in Toronto Canada. It has been online since 1994 and is one of the oldest and last remaining systems running the MS-DOS Renegade software.

Darkrealms still has a dialup modem line and connections to Fidonet, still functioning as a major Hub system for many years now.

Once upon a time in the 90’s, Darkrealms was a notorious uncensored free-for-all. It was constantly busy with people calling for their daily fix of gaming, chat rooms and message exchange. Many users purchased computers with modems for the sole purpose of calling into Darkrealms and other boards in the area. When the Internet became popular amongst the masses, the BBS scene died but was not forgotten.

Location: Toronto